A few funny, silly or downright rude things I’ve heard during my pregnancy

“Will you have another one?”

What I wanted to say – “None of your bloody business.”

What I actually said – “I’m still pregnant! Let me push this one out first and see how we get on with it!”

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My fertility journey

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a long time but since infertility is such a personal topic I’ve kept quiet. However since we made it public a few months ago that we’re expecting I’ve been wanting to write and share my own story/fertility journey as well. So, no, I’m definitely not infertile but after years of trying I did begin to wonder… When on 2016 Christmas Day morning I presented my husband with a positive pregnancy test I was dumbfounded. Not ecstatic as I would have expected but in complete denial, I just couldn’t believe it had actually happened to us!

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