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January – a month of wellness

As I wrote in New Year’s resolutions?, I don’t do them. So I didn’t do a dry January, start a fad diet or make any other promises that I knew I wasn’t able to keep up with. Instead, I turned January into a wellness month and tried starting to look after my mind, body and spirit better. I also followed almost all of these little tips by mindbodygreen to make my life a little bit happier. I’m a bit more concerned about my stress levels and negative thoughts so I want to make sure I look after myself better. Continue reading


New Year’s Resolutions? 

Who bothers and do you even stick to them?

For years I haven’t because the whole “new year, new me” concept seems like a desperate need to reinvent ourselves. Shouldn’t we do those good or better things throughout the year? Why force a drastic change when January comes? I suppose it makes sense that at the end of each year we take stock, evaluate and promise to make changes but if we don’t succeed, is it just a big failure? That’s putting a lot of pressure on ourselves, right?  Continue reading

This is how I’m doing Christmas

Christmas presents and decorationsWhat gives you that Christmas feeling? Putting up a Christmas tree, decorating your home, burning candles, eating mandarins, baking gingerbread men? That normally does it for me but this December has been an odd one. I spent almost half of it on my own (husband was in Bahrain for work), so I did very little that got me into the festive spirit. I did however get rid of our old Christmas tree that we kept in the living room for some unknown reason since last year and replaced it with holly on mantelpiece. And I did get myself a chocolate advent calendar. Continue reading

A little pre-Christmas hell

Sunday was the first advent and we put up some fairy lights, laid out candles everywhere, bought myself a chocolate calendar but didn’t buy a tree. We bought one last year and thought it would survive but finally, in the summer, after watering it meticulously for months and months we admitted that it had given up on us. But for some stupid reason we didn’t get rid of it. So this little fir tree looking oddly green but obviously very dry is still in our living room. It will be thrown out in January with the rest of the trees bought in 2015 ;).

So, as I started… it was the first advent and we thought of adding a bit of early Christmas spirit to our Sunday by going to Hampstead Christmas Festival. The weather was miserably windy and grey and we thought walking around in Hampstead, sipping mulled wine and eating bratwurst would cheer us up (more me, I hate windy weather). Continue reading

Embracing the 70s

This summer (what? did we actually have summer this year? 🙂 ) I went to a friend’s 40th birthday celebration that had a 70s theme. It was highly entertaining to see so many guests truly embracing it and turning up in afros, bohemian florals, hot pants, bell-bottom trousers… We were a colourful noisy crowd!

I had a total last-minute wardrobe change. I was planning to wear a relatively simple jumpsuit that to me looked 70s enough but earlier that day I just mentioned in passing that I’ll be going to this theme party and a friend of mine said she had a genuine custom-made dress that her mum had made in the 70s! Success! So this is what I wore: first from the left:

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Here’s my story and my husband’s creation:

Marc’s alarm came on at 1am and 3am to capture the different moon phases. I was half asleep and told him I’d watch the photos next morning. Then I got out of my slumber and dragged myself out of bed, saying : “Damn, I’ve got to see it myself!!” So we sat in awe in our living room in the middle of the night and admired this blood moon. Eventually walked hand-in-hand back to bed ❤️.

The Veuve Champagne

Wine tasting at The Langham

Even though I’m not EHL (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, hotel school in Switzerland) Alumni, I get ‘dragged’ to their events by my husband. They have monthly meet-ups and other events related to hospitality industry (not always) – visiting new hotels, bars, restaurants, celebrating Swiss national day, EHL birthday etc.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to join them for wine tasting hosted by The Bolney Estate at The Langham. The host, Jennifer Yates, was an absolute pleasure to listen to and her enthusiasm for English (sparkling) wines came across vividly. We sampled the following: Continue reading

A weekend full of sun and rugby

Last days of summer… Thankfully the sun has been out and today we even enjoyed a balmy 19 degrees.

The weekend has been full of rugby and yesterday I went to my first ever rugby game in Twickenham, France v Italy. A stadium full of rowdy but jolly rugby fans – a great experience. Although my husband supports England and I secretly Ireland, that evening we were all about ‘Allez les bleus’! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 It was a confident win over Italy.

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