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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing this blog.

I am not the best at posting regularly but I aim for one article every month. I used to be better and I hope I’ll get back to two/three per month. You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

A little bit more about myself… I’m a true European, born in Estonia, lived in Ireland for seven years and for now have settled in London. It’s been my home for over eight years and although this city tires me I still love it here.

Among many other things, I write about our travel destinations, beauty tips and product reviews and finally, about the biggest change in my life – parenthood! ❤

lnlondon xxx
(LN were my initials before I got married but I like it, it reads like inLondon 😉 )

Get in touch with me via this form if you’d like to collaborate on something that is related to my lifestyle blog.